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Scythe of Vitur X & XI - Raids I & II - Hydra - Active Gambling & Bossing & Skilling & Pking - Group Ironman - Duo Slayer - Party Dung - Boss Events - Achievements - Drop tables - 4 Iron Man Modes - Summoning - Construction - Boss Pets

Welcome to Vanex RSPS, one of the most packed Runescape private servers.
Hosted by a dedicated team of developers and experienced staff members, we are keeping all our players satisfied by pushing out updates and organizing server events with beautiful rewards.

Train all your skills and earn your max cape. Complete achievements, slay one of the many bosses or battle with others in the wilderness.
Play mini-games. There is active gambling and we are always pushing out new items and bosses that get released on Oldschool Runescape.
Download the game client and play now for free!

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